About Journal ISSN: 2319- 9792 (Online) | ISSN: 2278-7682 (Print) NAAS Rating 3.38 & Impact Factor 5.012 ( Multi Disciplinary Journal )

Society of Human Resource and Innovation has been publishing “TECHNOFAME”, a journal of multidisciplinary advance research (half yearly) with a distinguished editorial board and board of advisors. The writings in “TECHNOFAME” make a contribution towards better advance research in the areas of agricultural sciences, science and technology, engineering and technology, social sciences and home science. The journal is being widely subscribed by colleges, universities and other academic and professional organizations.

Author’s Instructions

Authors are requested to follow the following instruction in preparation of the manuscript for publication in the bi-annual Journal.


  1. Only original research papers will be accepted for the publication in the journal and same should not be published elsewhere.
  2. The view expressed in the paper will solely be of the authors.
  3. Articles on original research work should not exceed total 10 typed pages.
  4. Short research note should not exceed total 5 typed pages.
  5. The article of advance research in the area of Agricultural Sciences, Science & Technology, Engineering & Technology, Social Sciences and Home Science are considered for publication.
  6. Title should be specific, informative and short.
  7. A short title not exceeding 30 letters should also be written for running headlines.
  8. By-line should contain the names and initial of the authors, the place and organization where research work was conducted. Present Address should also be given as a footnote.
  9. Abstract should contain a brief account of the Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion without any reference.
  10. Keywords should be given specifically just below abstract.
  11. Materials and Methods should include details of experiment, design, techniques and statistical methods used supported by well known references.
  12. Results and Discussion should be based on tabulated data and figures, examined by specified references and combined to avoid repetition.
  13. For citing references a recent issue of the Journal should be consulted. The alphabetically arranged references should be numbered and the same may be used in the text where necessary.
  14. All articles are sent to the members of editorial board and referees for scrutiny, and authors should improve the article, indicating the modifications made separately.
  15. Article should be typed as double spaced throughout (including by-line, abstract, references and tables) on white, durable A-4 size paper, with a 4 cm. margin at the top, bottom and left. Article in duplicate along with CD after checking typographical errors should be submitted to the Chief Editor

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