About Koshambi Foundation

Koshambi Foundation was established in May 2019 in Agra, the City of Taj. Koshambi Foundation is a Non- Profit Based Organization which works for the development of our Country. Koshambi Foundation was established by Lakshya Chaudhary, a young Businessman & Entrepreneur and also a sociologist. Its head office is located in Agra.

The motive of this foundation is for the development of Country in various segments like in the field of Research and Development (R&D), Education Sector, Health & Medical Sector, Agriculture Sector, Rural Development, Environmental, Social, advocacy, Human rights work, etc.

We can work to promote social and political change on a broad scale or very locally across all over India. We plays a critical part in developing society, improving communities, and promoting citizen participation. We work with the moral values and have a dedicated team with lots of thought and ideas for the growth and development of the Country.

Our aim is to create a model for development that can be replicated at scale across India and perhaps the world.

We with our strong team and volunteers at the Koshambi Foundation, strive hard to find and execute solutions to the multiple challenges Rural India faces, we’d be happier if we don’t achieve our goal alone. We believe in a collaborative model and work with multiple partners which include NGOs, other foundations, the government and corporates. We at the Koshambi Foundation are committed and raring to go. We aren’t naïve about the task we’ve set but are determined to create communities that will have the ability to contribute substantially to India’s growth story.

We have always dreamt of One India, an India where the Urban-Rural divide doesn’t exist. We hope that you will pledge your support to the Koshambi Foundation, to our Rural communities. Pledge to support their dreams with the same passion as we pursue our own. Pledge to become a part of their world and welcome them to ours.

Today, we want to leave you with three thoughts

If not now, then when? — If not here, then where? — If not you, then who?