Working Model Of Koshambi Foundation

  • To join people with new and enthusiastic ideas and vision to help in making India a developed Country.
  • To motivate youngsters of our country with novel ideas and encourage them to come forward and do something for our Country.
  • To provide and positive direction to youth so that they move forward on a right path.
  • Intensive focus on Agriculture Sector. Helping farmers in adopting sustainable agriculture and socio-economic development of Farmers.
  • A healthy society is the foundation of a developed country. To spread health services through community health services and to make people of India healthy and fit.
  • To provide basic and essential education to children below poverty line. To help illiterate ones in getting basic education.
  • To organize various awareness proagrams and motivational events in different areas.
  • To organize Health and Medical Camps, to aware people about health and nutrition. To provide medical assistance to the persons in need. To organize Blood Donations Camps.
  • Distribution of books, stationary, school uniform to poor children who can not go schools due to unavailability of the basic things.
  • Distribution of clothes to needful persons.
  • To help in resolving various environmental issues. Active organization and participation in plantation proagrams and other activities.
  • To save drinking water. Run a movement to aware people about proper use of drinking water and ground water. Water recycling process.
  • To help in Making Tobacco free India.
  • To help in making our Society Corruption free.
  • To encourage people to move towards use of Ayurvedic system of medicine and to manufacture quality ayurvedic medicines, with low cost and high benefit objectives.
  • To work on various Plans which are beneficial for our society and are for the development of our society.
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