India is geographically, socially, culturally and economically, a diverse country. On one hand it has a vast biodiversity, natural resources, skilled manpower, and infrastructure; on the other hand, many man-made problems prevail in our country that is a great barrier in the overall development and uplift of the people.

Koshambi Foundation aims to focus all such areas where urgent and sustainable assistance is required. In fact, we shall focus on resolving basic problems of people who are in need. We shall focus on developing low cost methods and techniques so that poorer ones can get maximum benefit out of it.

Our thrust areas are:

Research & Development (R&D)
Education & Poverty
Health & Nutrition
Medicinal Plants
Vocational Training & Internship
Awareness Programs
Social Activities
Development of Youth
Development of Farmers

With our various segments Koshambi Foundation works for the development of our society for the growth of our Country. Koshambi Foundation works with the motive to make our society to the right path and to support them for their growth. Koshambi Foundation will become a pillar for the helpful person, poor peoples, youth, Farmers etc. With our Positive Motive Koshambi Foundation is working across all over India.