Health & Nutrition

India is a densely populated country. Healthy people means healthy nation. A large proportion of human being can not afford even the bread for two times. A healthy body and mind develops on the consumption of highly nutritive food. It is estimated that in near future our planet will see a drastic problem of availability of safe and pure drinking water. Effective water management strategies and recycling of shall be focused. waste water treatment systems are to be employed. The outcome of research department will certainly improve the social standard of the people. Availability of nutrition rich and fresh food is the need of hour.

In different parts of India, Koshambi Foundation work relentlessly to ensure that children grow up healthy and enjoy a happy Childhood.

Even today, 11.2 lakh children in India die before their fifth birthday. Every 25 seconds, a child under five years of age dies mostly due to preventable causes such as infections and malnutrition.

It’s this utterly sad situation which firms our resolve to provide robust health and nutrition benefits to children and save lives. Almost 50% of our work for children caters to the Health & Nutrition needs of children. In different states of India, we’re passionately working to improve the health and nutrition status of newborns, mothers, and expecting women with special focus on those coming from the most disadvantaged communities.

Following are the areas we work in:

• Child Survival
• Newborn Health
• Maternal Health
• Nutrition
• Health and Nutrition of Children Affected by Emergencies and Natural Disaster
• WASH – Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Healthcare Which Saves Lives

Koshambi Foundation go by the mantra that No Child is Born to Die. That is why Koshambi Foundation have projects in several states of India which are aimed at increasing the chances of survival of children between the ages of 0-5 years, reducing levels of malnutrition among them and improving newborn and maternal health.

In all of this, Koshambi Foundation engage heavily with the local community. We work towards disseminating the message of the importance of maintaining good personal health and hygiene, for themselves and for their children. Koshambi Foundation collaborate with state- and district-level government authorities, schools and Aanganwadi Centers, Etc. The Community Health Workers (CHWs) we train and work with form the backbone of our healthcare initiatives. To improve the hygiene and nutrition behavior of the communities we work with and to inculcate the habits of healthy living, are among the ultimate aims of all our Health & Nutrition programs.