Koshambi Value's


Koshambi Foundation aims to maintain complete transparency in all its efforts, adhering to rules and regulations. They strive to be amicable, approachable, and agreeable in every regard.


The organization promotes respect for each other's views and feelings within the organization and while interacting with others as representatives of Koshambi Foundation. They encourage expressing opinions, suggestions, and feelings in a respectful manner, while valuing the dignity and self-worth of individuals and acknowledging their realities.

Quality- Driven Excellence

Koshambi Foundation strives to deliver the highest quality of work without compromise. They have a vision to settle for nothing short of the best in every aspect of their functioning. They inspire others to excel and reach their full potential while maintaining organizational excellence.


The foundation operates with integrity and upholds the dignity of all individuals involved in their endeavors. They ensure compliance with all laws, rules, and regulations applicable to the organization.


Koshambi Foundation emphasizes having purpose and determination to work towards their goals, even in the face of hurdles and challenges. They view challenges as learning opportunities rather than setbacks and maintain unwavering belief in themselves and their organizational mandate.


The organization treats every individual and entity they encounter as equals. They uphold the ideals of fairness and equality, ensuring equal opportunities for all those associated with Koshambi Foundation and beyond.


Each member and volunteer of Koshambi Foundation is expected to be accountable for their actions towards the organization and all internal and external stakeholders. Accountability is an essential aspect of their functioning.


The foundation strives to be empathetic towards all those associated with it, ensuring a high level of understanding of the feelings of their stakeholders. They value the emotional well-being of individuals and seek to create a compassionate environment.


Koshambi Foundation maintains high levels of zeal and enthusiasm in pursuing their mission and fulfilling their vision. Passion drives their efforts and keeps them motivated.


The organization promotes compassion among its members and volunteers, encouraging them to go beyond empathy and actively work towards alleviating suffering. Compassion is integral to their actions, ideas, and expressions.


Koshambi Foundation operates in a trustworthy manner and is fully committed to being accountable to all expectations set by the organization. Building and maintaining trust is crucial in their interactions with stakeholders.

These values guide the actions, decisions, and culture of Koshambi Foundation, shaping their work and impact in the sector they operate in.