Medicinal Plants

Antibiotics substitute in Indian Future = Medicinal Plants
Alternative Medicines in Future India = Herbal Plants
No Side effects, Used by Various Ayurvedic Companies
Low Cost effective, recommended by WHO

We are fortunate that our country has great biological diversity. A diverse flora of different regions, especially that of medicinal plants, is real wealth of our country. India is the birth place world’s most popular and ancient medicine system-the ayurveda. Thousands of medicinal plants have been described in Ayurvedic medicine system. Unfortunately, unethical and unplanned exploitation reached at the verge of Extinction of many medicinal plants. The strategy of Koshambi Foundation shall be to conserve the medicinal plants at their natural habitats as well as in vitro conservation. Koshambi Foundation shall also make efforts in making available the planting material for farmers to cultivate high value medicinal plants. Koshambi Foundation will help to provide in market and supply platform to medicinal plant growers.

Medicinal Plants or Medicinal herbs are essence of Traditional medicine practice. Treatment using herbs developed different parts of world in different names. Herbalism is the systematic study of medicinal herbs and its botany. Mainly focusing its medicinal uses. Ethnomedicine is the study of traditional medicine. Researchers identify and separate various active chemicals in the medicinal plants. Indian medicinal plants or Ayurvedic medicinal Plants are the essence of Ayurveda and Ayurvedic treatments. When used judicially and clocking with the basic principles they produce miraculous effects. Their role cannot be confined to mere curative of disease but they also used being of human body. Hence, Ayurvedic drugs are rightly called the elixirs of life. Ayurvedic Herbs played important role in Ayurvedic treatment, from ancient time to this most modern time.

Variety of Diseases in India

With the advancement in medical and healthcare industry, a lot has changed in India. Many fatal diseases have been exterminated with invention of powerful vaccinations and treatment courses. However, the country is still challenged by some killer diseases that just don't seem to declare exodus.

Adverse effect of Antibiotics on Human Health

Antibiotics, also known as antibacterials, are medications that destroy or slow down the growth of bacteria. They include a range of powerful drugs and are used to treat diseases caused by bacteria. Antibiotics cannot treat viral infections, such as cold, flu, and most coughs. This article will explain what antibiotics are, how they work, any potential side effects, and antibiotic resistance.